Estate Sales

Estate Sales are a great way to sell all the items in your house when a loved one passes, transitioning into an assisted living, or downsizing.
This is a long and difficult process, so we want to make sure that this is as convenient for you as possible. We feel that transparency and customer service are key to a good estate sale, so we want you to be informed and happy at all times.

Here is a breakdown of our Estate Sale. Again, we want to make sure you are aware of what is going on during this process.



Our Consignment services are ideal for smaller groups of higher value items, or for items that need a national audience.

Our Estate Sale Company loves consigning collections.

We take your items and place them in our estate sales or in our warehouse. Your item will always be placed in a designed environment letting it shine and inspire our buyers to take it home and make it their own. At the end of the process, you'll receive a check for you sale proceeds alone with a detailed accounting of what each item sold for.

Cleaning Services

Hidden Treasures Estate Sale & Consignments offers a variety of cleaning services ranging from:
-One Time
-Deep Cleans
-Move in/out


We work with a local auctioneer who has been in the auction business for 30+ years.
Our Estate Sale Company will pick up your items from homes, storage units, warehouses, businesses, and even fields.

After our team has picked up your items, we start the researching phase. We identify all the items, then we photograph, group the small like items together, and set them up for the auction.

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Our Mission Statement

We want to be the most trusted Estate Sale company in Lubbock.
We want to provide you with professional liquidation and to help eliminate any of the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations. As we come into your lives, we will do so responsibly so as to always be a positive experience.
We believe that estate sale services should be done professionally and effectively, and that operating within these values will result in an awesome experience for buyers and sellers alike.

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