Full Service Estate Sales

Full Service Estate Sales

Our Estate Sale Process

Estate Sale Staging:

During the presale, we are organize and stage the home room by room to come up with a site plan. Our set up team implements the site plan, working in the basement to the farthest corner of the attic. This creates a store-like display. When a home is clean, organized, and staged, it results in a better sale totals for you. This also makes the sale more enjoyable to our customers.

Estate Sale Pricing:

While the set up team arranges the home, our price team is hard at work assigning price to every item in the house. With pricing and sell such a high volume, we are familiar with current market values. For any item that we come across that may heed some extra attention, we conduct extensive research by using our helpful pricing resources. We also have relationships with a few auction houses around Texas to help expand an audience for the one-of-a-kind items

Estate Sale Advertising & Marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • Company Newsletters
  • Newspaper Publications
  • Directional Signage

Estate Sale Transaction Process:

One of the most frustrating aspects of shopping at an estate sale can be the long lines at checkout. Normally, there’s one employee at a card/payment table with a cash box that typically doesn’t accept cards. In response, we’ve developed a new checkout system that’s quick and effective with the ability to accept credit & debit cards. We have multiple payment registers going at any given time, and we have an excellent holding & waiting area that’s conveniently located by the payment registers, although not in the way of other customers.

Estate Sale Clean Out:

After the completion of the sale we handle the few remaining unsold items. The majority of the time the items are donated to local charities that the client picks. Other times the client might want to give a few items a second chance. We will take those items at no additional cost to our warehouse for our Monthly Market Sales.

After all the items have been removed from the house, Hidden Treasures will remove and trash from the house. We will sweep, mop and vacuum all the floors and wiped down all the counters.

We also offer a deep clean at an additional fee to make your house more Realtor Ready.

Estate Sale Invoicing & Payment:

At the end of the sale, we will provide a detailed summary of how much you received on each day along with a check from the proceeds (minus our fee).

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“Shannon was awesome to work with in handling my mother’s estate sale. She lead me through the process and answered many of my questions before I even asked. She made me feel comfortable. I live out of town and she kept in touch with me from beginning to end.”

M. Benak